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Crowdmap enables companies to enrich their product roadmap by creating a customer centric innovation network.

voice of customers

Collect, centralize and analyze customers’ feedback from any source – web, mobile apps, Physical Stores, GooglePlay, Google Reviews, API, Zapier and physical products. Understand what your customers feel about their experience with your brand.

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Review sites (tripadvisor, google review,, amazon etc..), app/play stores and social media.

Omnichannel voice of customers
You always know what to do

Data driven decisions

Automatically prioritize the concepts behind customers feedback. Crowdmap identifies what you need to work on now, keep doing, add to your long term roadmap or keep your eyes on. Focus on what matters the most.

Collaborative innovation

Crowdmap makes it easy for people to get involved: assign, discuss, or simply inform internal stakeholders and teams. Transform ideas into actions that will delight your customers.

Collaborative innovation
You always know what to do

Uninterrupted conversation

Invite your customers to the brainstorming table: validate and refine your future concepts before launching through a dedicated public portal. Gather first hand insights and evaluate your customers’ interest for your ideas.



  • Up to 30 feedback monthly
  • 1 user access
  • Slack Integration
/ month


  • Unlimited monthly feedback
  • Unlimited user access
  • Premium support
  • Open API
  • 3rd party integration
  • Customizable surveys
  • One seat at Customer Advisory Board

Clients love Crowdmap

AT Internet
  • 1500+ feedback collected
  • 200+ product improvements released
  • 300 on the roadmap

"Integrating to collect and manage our customers feedback was a real revolution for AT internet. We leveraged customers satisfaction in just a couple of weeks and we developed a close proximity with our clients overtime. This is the most innovative voice of customers solution that we ever tried. The product is unique and built by people having a real passion for customers, we consider Crowdmap as a stong business partner."

– Rémy Balangué, eCommerce Market Manager - AT Internet

About Crowdmap

Crowdmap has been developed to support brands who want to implement or reinforce their customer centric strategy. Our unique and tailored approach is not limited to gathering and analyzing customers’ feedback: collaboration lies at the heart of Crowdmap. Prioritize and turn concepts into actions, by opening a 360 insightful communication channel. Make data driven decisions based on what matters most to your customers. Stop second guessing and start listening to your customers’ voice. Get them involved and build a close relationship thanks to open conversations.

At Crowdmap, we believe customer satisfaction is more than a metric – it’s a culture. We bring you more than just a product. Our team of experts is here to help you through your transformation. To do so, we constantly develop our product and offering.

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